Sustainable Haltwhistle Newsletter October 2023

Trudi Warner, who has visited and stayed in Haltwhistle many times in the last 20 years, stands accused of contempt of court for standing outside the Old Bailey with a placard reminding jurors that they have a right to acquit a defendant according to their conscience. Trudi was moved to take this action after climate protestors were banned from using the phrase 'climate change' and explaining their motivations in their defence.
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Defend our juries is organising a day of direct action on Monday 25th September with people outside Crown Courts up and down the country standing with placards displaying the same message. I'm planning to be at Carlisle. For more information and to join or support the campaign see

Greenlee Nature Recovery
Thursday, October 5th

There will be a free lunch at Hillside following the regular Haltwhistle Growing Together Thursday session. Then transport by minibus to The Sill to see exhibition and meet project lead Steven Lipscombe. Contact for details: Jill Eastlake

Laura Waugh, one of our members, sent me this info about a Forest Bathing event on Saturday

I'm holding a Forest Bathing event at The Garden Station, Langley, on Saturday 23rd Sept 10-12.30pm.
It's a beautiful opportunity to connect with nature, yourself and other people.

Please see the details below and a link to eventbrite for tickets.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with future events including Forest Bathing, Breathwork amongst the trees, Willow weaving and Mini woodland retreats.

Laura Waugh Nature Connection (Facebook)

Laura_natureconnection (Instagram)

Recharge yourself in tranquil woodland surroundings. Pause, be present and let your senses awaken. Feel calm and restored as nature relaxes your mind, boosts your physical body and helps you to embrace your inner-self.

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is an immersive practice of connecting with nature and letting the healing qualities of the forest improve your well-being. Slowing down, being mindful, and engaging your senses fully. It's a relaxing yet inspiring experience, leaving you feeling refreshed.

The Science… Forest bathing or 'Shinrin-yoku' was first developed in Japan in the 1980's, following scientific studies. The results showed that two hours of mindful exploration in a forest could reduce blood pressure, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improve concentration and memory.

They also found that trees release chemicals called phytoncides, which have a protective antimicrobial effect on human bodies and thereby boost the immune system. As a result of this research 'Shinrin-yoku' was introduced as a national health programme.

What to Expect:
Guided Meditation: We begin with a calming meditation to centre and ground yourself within our environment.

Mindful Walk: Take a leisurely stroll through the forest, feeling the soft ground beneath your feet and breathing in the fresh air.

Nature Connection: Engage in gentle sensory activities, helping your mind to relax and allowing you establish a deeper connection with the natural surroundings.

Tea Ceremony: We end our walk with a short meditation or poem and herbal tea.

Who can attend?

Anyone can benefit from Forest bathing. All ages and sexes are welcome. We will be walking slowly and stopping frequently, however please ensure you are fit enough to be outside and moving for 2 hours on uneven ground. If you have any questions about accessibility please do get in touch.

The Venue:

The event will take place in and around woodland at The Garden Station, Langley.
It is a private venue which is open to visitors, the cafe will be open after the session and there is an option to stay for a drink, scone or sweet treat afterwards. The pop up shop Luna Emporium will be open along with garden plants for sale.

Check out this FilmAble video, 'Snow in July', about climate change. The name was chosen months before the Italian town of Seregno suffered ice-laden floods - in July 2023! The how-we-did-it video, 'Winning by Understanding', is also well worth a look.
Haltwhistle Film Project are also running a regular program of film screenings in The Comrades Club, Haltwhistle and The General Havelock in Haydon Bridge. Full details:

Beef, Bogs and Biodiversity.

We are delighted to be able to offer free walking farm tours - with food and chat! - to groups thanks to a Farming In Protected Landscapes grant from the Northumberland National Park. Please contact for info

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Sustainable Haltwhistle aims to reduce the impact of the community of Haltwhistle and surrounding villages on our environment. This will help individuals, families and our community save money and resources and ensure a more sustainable future for us all.

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