News May 2015

Shaun Hackett's enthusiasm for pollinators, particularly Bumble Bees, was evident -and infectious! - when he spoke at our joint meeting with the Wildlife Group in April. He emphasised the interdependence found throughout the natural world. The different species of pollinators are adapted to feed from and pollinate specific flower species. Bumble bees need the abandoned nests of mice and voles to construct their own breeding homes and those pretty butterflies we love to see in our flower beds need a patch of nettles for the caterpillar stage of their life cycles. Don't keep your garden too tidy!

STS is doing our bit to help pollinators with a seed swap at the Plant Festival and a series of verge walks identifying bee-valuable flowers, later in the season.

I'm sending out this May newsletter in good time as I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the next event in our Scale of Sustainability series, on Thursday 30th April. Building Community promises to be a really interesting evening with a screening, supper and two speakers who will explain co-housing and talk about initiatives in the region. And it's time to fill up your diary as the beginning of May seems action packed with relevant events organised by other organisations. First our own stuff - but read to the end immediately so you don't miss anything!

Scale of Sustainability 2
Building Community
Thursday 30th April, Comrades Club, Haltwhistle
Free event, all welcome

6.30pm Grand Designs Revisited - Hedgehog self-build community in Brighton
A group of novice builders construct their own homes and create a sustainable community.
7.15pm Seasonal supper
8pm Moyra Riseborough and Jenny Patient on Co-housing and Housing co-ops, with presentations and plenty of discussion.

Scale of Sustainability 3
Manufactured Landscapes

Sunday 17th May, The Shed, Whistle Art Stop, Haltwhistle
Free event, all welcome

6.30pm - Scale of Sustainability-
shorts submitted to Whistle Art Stop's graduate program.
7.15pm Refreshments
8pm Manufactured Landscapes (2006)
Directed by J Baichwal
This sparsely narrated documentary features the photos and videos of Edward Burtynsky and includes scenes of the kilometre long factory in China where 23,000 workers produce most of the world's clothes irons.

Haltwhistle Plant Festival and Craft Fair

STS will have a seed swap on our stall and we're particularly keen to swap seeds of food plants - plants which provide food for people or pollinators. Please bring any spare seeds from bought or saved seeds to swap. Label packets or envelopes with the plant name, variety (if known), and harvest year.
We'll also have details of the three botanising verge walks that we're planning this year, on 9th June, 7th July and 4th August. Lesley Silvera and Libby Scott will lead the walks and help with flower identification. We'll be looking at the biodiversity of the roadsides and their value as a resource for pollinators.

Transition Tynedale is screening two films at the Forum Cinema in Hexham - the first is tomorrow, Sunday!

Burnlaw community in Whitfield (NE47 8HF) is hosting a book evening - we'll be at the community for the last of our Scale of Sustainability screenings in June.

Sustainable Brampton is encouraging us to dust off our bikes and prepare for the Tour de Britain which is coming our way! No, seriously this popular course is suitable for recreational and novice cyclists with no mechanical skills - and all varieties of bike.

And finally, and without leaving your desk, you can join the campaign to keep Northumberland Frack Free:
and join Positive Money in petitioning the post May 7th government to use money creation only in the public interest:

South Tyne Sustainability aims to reduce the impact of the community of Haltwhistle and surrounding villages on our environment. This will help individuals, families and our community save money and resources and ensure a more sustainable future for us all.

To join STS contact Sue Seymour, 016977 47359